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waluigifreak789 started the chat 27 minutes ago

TheMagnificentTrio joined the chat 14 minutes ago

TheMagnificentTrio: Hello hello

waluigifreak789: hey

TheMagnificentTrio: So what's goin on

waluigifreak789: got it working, just a computer issue {C}

TheMagnificentTrio: YES!

waluigifreak789: if we can get Taco on, we can get stated

TheMagnificentTrio: Since we are waiting I just wanted to say I am 100% Joining your II Camp.

waluigifreak789: good to hear

waluigifreak789 joined the chat

waluigifreak789: still no sign of taco...

TheMagnificentTrio: I have a curiosity question: If Clock used his revenge token and put his votes on me, then i used my revenge token what would happen.

waluigifreak789: they would be cancelled out

TheMagnificentTrio: Oh, okay

Pie (MatrVincent) joined the chat

Pie (MatrVincent): hey

TheMagnificentTrio: hey hey hey

waluigifreak789: hey pie

TheMagnificentTrio: I am thinking of doing art videos, because I am an artist, what do you guys think of that?

waluigifreak789: go for it!

TheMagnificentTrio: Kk

Taco joined the chat

Pie (MatrVincent): yay Taco

Taco: Hey guys

TheMagnificentTrio: Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

waluigifreak789: yes! bow we can start... for real!

TheMagnificentTrio: Hey Taco

waluigifreak789: now*

waluigifreak789: send me your first moves taco and saw

Taco: Clock was on earlier, but idk where he is now

waluigifreak789: let me know when their sent

Taco: k i sent it

TheMagnificentTrio: Me too

Pie (MatrVincent) is watching, and waiting, on the edge of my seat, anticipating!!

waluigifreak789: saw dig a hole, taco used fireblast, but missed

Pie (MatrVincent): Pretty sure only Guylan knows why I said that

waluigifreak789: lol

Pie (MatrVincent): Nice grammar

Pie (MatrVincent): "Saw dig a hole"

Pie (MatrVincent): Saw DUG a hole

waluigifreak789: dug*

Pie (MatrVincent): lol

waluigifreak789: taco, next move!

Pie (MatrVincent) is ashamed of waliugifreak789's grammar

Pie (MatrVincent) is kidding, of course

Pie (MatrVincent) likes to refer to himself in the third person

Taco: sent it

waluigifreak789: saw used dig (Tacos HP: 181/204)

Taco likes tacos, but is not a cannibal

waluigifreak789: taco used hyperbeam (Saws HP: 80/204)

waluigifreak789: saw, next move

Taco: sent mine

Taco changed name to Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie)

waluigifreak789: saw used ice beam (Tacos HP: 130/204)

waluigifreak789: Taco is recharging

waluigifreak789: next moves!

waluigifreak789: have yours, taco, unless you want to change it

waluigifreak789: no, ok

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): back

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): you have mine for this round?

waluigifreak789: Saw used hyperbeam (Tacos HP: 1/204)

waluigifreak789: Taco used toxic, Saw is piosoned

waluigifreak789: Saw is hurt by Poison (68/204)

waluigifreak789: next moves!

TheMagnificentTrio: OMG

Pie (MatrVincent): lolololol

TheMagnificentTrio: Sent

waluigifreak789: Saw is Recharging

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): oh, yeah, i sent a while ago

waluigifreak789: Taco used Stregnth (Saw HP: 1/204)

TheMagnificentTrio: OMG

waluigifreak789: Saw is hurt by poison (0/204)

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): Good job, Saw

waluigifreak789: Saw Fainted, Taco wins!

TheMagnificentTrio: U 2 Taco

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): er, wait, what? 0_0

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): Good try, Saw

waluigifreak789: Taco, you are going to the Finals!

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): I thought I lost :3

TheMagnificentTrio: You did an excellent job, win immuntiy Taco.

waluigifreak789: now wheres clock??

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): He was just on a while ago...

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): I just said "brb", but he mistook that for "gtg"

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): Thanks, Saw

TheMagnificentTrio: I just want to say good luck Taco and hope you win immunity and make it to the final 3

waluigifreak789: Clock has 10 minutes to arrive, or he forfeits the match!

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): I just messaged Clock.

waluigifreak789: so did i

Pie (MatrVincent): Honestly, I hope Clock comes

Pie (MatrVincent): and Taco knows why D:

Pie (MatrVincent): gtg

waluigifreak789: what!?

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): Wait, if Pie leaves and Clock doesn't come within the next 8-or-so minutes, do I automatically win immunity?

waluigifreak789: well, in that case... UNLESS clock shows up in the next 8 minutes, Taco gets Immunity.

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): Oh, okay then.

waluigifreak789: unless pie is still here, in which case, you 2 will face off in the finals

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): okay

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): I'm watching BFDIA videos :3

waluigifreak789: i'm listening to the bfsp music playlist, lol

waluigifreak789: 5 minutes!

waluigifreak789: 4 minutes!

waluigifreak789: 2 minutes!

waluigifreak789: 1 minute!

waluigifreak789: Times Up! Taco gets Immunity!

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): :D

waluigifreak789: congrats!

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): Wha? Thanks!

waluigifreak789: well, gtg work on the, see ya!

Taco (DeeandEd, Eddie): kbye

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